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General Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of Conditions
The present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are valid for all contracts which are closed with the hotel ‘zum Hofmaler’, as far as they comply with the characteristics of the General Terms and Conditions Act. They can be replaced by conditions agreed upon in individual cases.

2. Completion of the accommodation contract
The corresponding valid price list with the respective tariffs and specification of services is applicable. Moreover, services and rates are subject to change. The guest contract (accommodation agreement) can be closed in writing, orally, by phone or by conclusive behavior. The completion of the accommodation contract obligates both parties to fulfill the contract conditions, regardless of the duration of the contract. For overnight stays at the hotel, the accommodation agreement is concluded as soon as the room was booked and confirmed, or, if an acceptance has not been possible due to time limitations, as soon as the room has been provided.

3. Reservations  
If rooms or other services are booked as options, the dates of the options are binding for both parties to the contract. After the expiration of the agreed deadline of the option, the above-mentioned pension can freely dispose of the optionally booked rooms and services without further consultation. Rooms that have been reserved and acknowledged by the hotel are made available at 16:00 on the day of arrival and until 11:00 on the departure day. After 18:00 on the day of arrival, the hotel is entitled to dispose of reserved rooms otherwise, unless a later time of arrival has been explicitly agreed up on.

4. Changes in prices  
The agreed prices can be changed on the part of the hotel after the conclusion of the contract according to the valid price list at that time if the time period between the closure of the contract and the provision of the service is longer than 4 months.

5. Terms of payment  
The invoices are to be paid in cash immediately upon receipt of invoice, without any deduction, unless other terms of payment have been explicitly agreed upon. The hotel shall be free to exempt itself from the acceptance and selection of credit cards in each individual cas eadline and giving notice of these consequences. If the guest stays longer than 4 days in the hotel, the hotel is entitled to issue partial invoices and demand their payment from the guest.

6. Payments in advance  
The Hotel is entitled to request an advance payment of the entire accommodation price for the full length of stay from any hotel guest on the conclusion of the accommodation agreement. The hotel can, without giving reasons, make any acknowledgment of orders, reservations or other services to be carried out or to be continued dependent on the entire or partial advance payment of the anticipated amounts to be paid, namely as down payment, partial payments or total payment in advance.

7. Cancellation
Cancellation fees In case of cancellation of services on the part of the guest or in case the services offered by the hotel ‘zum Hofmaler’ are not called up, the contractual services offered by the hotel and ordered and reserved, but not called up by the guest, especially for accommodation of the guests, the rent for the conference- and functional rooms and or restaurant services, will be charged to the guest with the below-stated rates by the hotel ‘zum Hofmaler’.

Single Travelers
Cancellation 48 hours of arrival before the respective services are provided free of charge.

Group Travelers
Cancellation between including 30 and including 15 days before provision of the respective services.

 Charging of 30% of the ordered / reserved services Cancellation between including 14 and including 4 days before provision of the respective services. Charging of 75% of the ordered / reserved services
Cancellation 3 days before provision of the respective services: Charging of 85% of the ordered / reserved services.

Non-utilisation of the respective services, Charging of 80% of ordered/reserved services.
 The cancellation fees are reduced by the amounts gained by the hotel ‘zum Hofmaler’ by further tenancy of the canceled rooms respectively passing on of costs of services for the ordered / reserved date. The above-mentioned cancellation fees are also charged, if the ordered / reserved services are only partially canceled on the part of the guest, whereas the mentioned flat charges refer to the part of services which has been canceled, or if the guest does not call upon the ordered / reserved services without explicit cancellation. All cancellations must be in writing, by post or fax and require a written reconfirmation of the hotel.

8. Liability  
§§ 701 – 703 of the BGB (German Civil Code) are valid for the liability of the hotel ‘zum Hofmaler’. A liability due to other reasons is excluded unless damage has been caused with intent or grossly negligent by the hotel ‘zum Hofmaler’, its legal representative or servant.

10. Jurisdiction  
Place of jurisdiction is the local court Potsdam.

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